Mfc Extension Library


EL4Ant, an extension library for Ant  v.0.9.3

EL4Ant is a light and efficient build system based on Apache Ant.

Professional User Interface Suite  v.2 84

Prof-UIS (Professional User Interface Suite)is an easy-to-use MFC extension library enabling your products to be provided with a professional and user-friendly interface.


AVSLib  v.2

AVSLib is an extension library to the Avisynth non-linear video editor, offering a rich set of new features: filters (animation, editing, runtime and more), array containers & operators, debugging tools, math & string functions and many more.

Xtreme Skin Framework ActiveX  v.15. 1. 2003

The Xtreme SkinFramework was designed with the Windows Visual Style architecture in mind to ensure developers have the most up-to-date and Windows friendly themes available anywhere.

Extension Cleaner  v.0.4

Do you dislike file extensions as much as I do?

JDiceCheck - Linux installer  v.

FREE DiceLock Security JDiceCheck Linux GUI and extension .

JDiceCheck - Windows installer  v.

FREE DiceLock Security JDiceCheck Windows GUI and extension .

JDigesterCheck - Mac OS X installer  v.

FREE DiceLock Security JDigesterCheck GUI and JHashDigester .

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